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Henryk M. Broder

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Jews, Leave Euraschwitz Now!

The mirror of the German’s rotten conscience is the Museum of the Holocaust built in Berlin by the postmodern architect Daniel Libeskind. Old suitcases, dishes, photographs, glasses, violins and postcards left by the dead Jews serve to transmit the impression of a lost history. An empty space in the basement at the end of a large, dark corridor, neither heated nor air- conditioned, lit only by a shaft of natural light at the top, produces the spectacularization of the Holocaust… Never before has knowledge of the Holocaust been disseminated all over the West as it is today. Yet never before has the anti-Jewish venom and the Nazi style monsterization of Israelis spread like a virus as it is today. That’s why you find more sincerity about the Holocaust in the PLO charter, Hamas’ manifesto and Iranian speeches than in the Western lacrimose memorials with their dictatorship of a fetishizied, abstract and stereotyped memory.

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