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Henryk M. Broder

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Be Nice To The Turks!

Als Bewerber für das Amt des Präsidenten versprach er, den Massenmord an den Armeniern als Genozid anzuerkennen. Bei seinem Besuch in der Türkei sprach er nur noch von den “schrecklichen Ereignissen” des Jahres 1915 - Barack Obama.

As a candidate, Obama was perfectly clear. “The facts are undeniable,” he said in a January 2008 statement. He called the massacre not an allegation or matter of opinion—many Turks maintain that the killing resulted from anarchy accompanying the Ottoman Empire’s collapse—but a clear exercise in race-based killing: “As president,” he vowed, “I will recognize the Armenian genocide.” Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, who said America’s “morality” and “credibility” demanded such a statement, agreed. And why not? Last year, all were presidential candidates looking for easy ways to sound bold and noble, not to mention courting Armenian-American votes and money.

As a presidential candidate, Obama bluntly characterized the deaths of Armenians in Turkey almost a century ago as genocide. Saying the word as president, however, would chill relations and perhaps even cost support from Turkey, which he deems crucial to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Speaking later to the Turkish Parliament, he sidestepped the question of genocide, referring to it only as “the terrible events of 1915”.

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