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Henryk M. Broder

21.10.2007   12:57   +Feedback

The US is a great place to be anti-American

Wenn es darum geht, sich hochmotiviert ans eigene Bein zu pinkeln, rangieren zwei Gruppen ganz weit vorn. Die Juden und die Amis. Die Amis können es noch besser.

It has always amused me that the same people who denounce America as a seething cesspit of blind obscurantist bigotry can’t see the irony that America itself produces its own best critics. When there’s a scab to be picked on the American body politic, no one does it with more loving attention, more rigorous focus on the detail, than Americans themselves.
It has always been this way. The fiercest and most effective opponents of US foreign policy in the 1960s were not the students in Paris or the Politburo in North Vietnam. They were Jane Fonda, Bobby Kennedy and Marvin Gaye.

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