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Geschäfte in Gaza

The price of the best AK-47 rifles, made either in Russia or the former Yugoslavia, has fallen to $500, from $2,200 before June, he said, roughly the price paid for them in Egypt. The last shipment he knows about was bought and stored by a Gazan arms dealer as an investment, “hoping the situation will get bad again,” Muhammad said, laughing.
Chinese or Czech versions were $1,400, and now no one wants them.
An AK-47 bullet, before June, cost $8.80 — “the price of eight shwarma” sandwiches, he said, “enough to feed a family.” His profit was $6.58. Even before the Hamas election, in 2005, the price was $3.45 to $4.40. Now a bullet costs $1.21.
n Egypt, the same bullet costs 73 cents, 40 percent less. But with the expense of tunneling and bribing, Muhammad said, the current profit on a bullet is less than five cents.
A rocket-propelled grenade launcher with six grenades cost $900 in Egypt and could be sold in Gaza for $6,000. Now, the price is $1,000, but no one is buying.

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