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Auf Biegen und Brechen

Hau Dir in die Augen, Kleine:

Happy Homecoming:

David Myatt, a founder of the hardline British National Socialist Movement (NSM) who has been jailed for racist attacks, has changed his name to Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt. David Copeland, who is serving six life sentences after three people died in his Soho bomb attacks, was a member of the NSM.,,2-2149297,00.html

My duty now, the purpose of my life, is to do the will of Allah, to submit to the will of Allah — to strive, In sha’ Allah, to be a good, a devout, Muslim. To live as a Muslim in the way that Allah has decreed, through his Prophet and Messenger Muhammad. One of the many wonderful things which occurred on the day I converted was when the Imam of the Mosque explained that by accepting Islam I had begun a new life — Allah had forgiven me my sins, and it was as if I started my life again with my Book of Life, the record of my sins, empty.

Happy Homestaying:
Tuerke, Deutscher, Islamist - jeder bleibt, was er grad ist

And last but not least, the one and the only, Mr. Waterpipe, Michael Osama Lueders:
«Der islamische Fundamentalismus ist natürlich nur eine Facette des Islam. Das Problem ist, dass die Fundamentalisten den islamischen Diskurs prägen und der Westen diese Reduzierung auch noch übernimmt», sagt der Berliner Islamwissenschaftler Michael Lüders.





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