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Bed And Breakfast in Rhode Island

Und hier ein weiteres Beispiel fuer den religioesen Fundamentalismus der Amerikaner, dem wir unseren multikuturellen und interreligioesen Dialog entgegensetzen muessen:

A practicing Catholic who attends church each Sunday, Mary Ellen Newbury hardly seems a sure bet to know the ins and outs of keeping a kosher diet.
But as innkeeper of the Admiral Weaver Inn, the only kosher bed-and-breakfast in Rhode Island, Newbury’s job is to ensure her guest’s religious needs are satisfied - whether by making sure that meat and dairy meals are kept separate or by keeping bacon and sausage far away from the house.
Upholding the strict standards of a religion, albeit one different than her own, is a responsibility she takes seriously.
“I respect their beliefs and they in turn respect mine,” said Newbury, a lifelong Newport resident and retired school teacher. “That’s how it’s worked out.”,7340,3350619,00.html

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