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Henryk M. Broder

18.03.2008   16:40   +Feedback


Dear Mister Henryk M. Broders,

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK you very much for your opposition against Dries van Agt and Mr Hajo Meyer.

This christian antisemitic mr Dries van Agt is one of the reasons I don’t call myself christian anymore but more a ‘believer’. The man is a disgrace and I want to thank you for your bold opposition.

I was shocked by the ‘netwerk’ transmission yesterday and couldn’t believe my eyes in what I saw from Mr Hajo Meyer… I will refrain from making a satement about Mr Hajo Meyer other then that I think this old and bitter man has clearly lost his mind.

Again thank you, please be encouraged and please be informed that there ARE still christians that stand with Israel in these difficult times.

Very kind regards and a good day,

Remi Visser, Harderwijk (The Netherlands)

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